Calls to the United Arab Emirates and Dubai

The country code for the United Arab Emirates is 971, while the emirate code for Dubai is 04. Mobile phone numbers begin with 050, 056 (Etisalat) or 055 (du).

When calling from overseas drop the 0 from the Dubai and mobile codes.

Public telephone at Dubai International Airport

Telephone at Dubai International Airport

To call a fixed line phone number in Dubai from abroad, dial the international access code for your country and then 971 4 xxx xxxx – e.g. from the UK 00-971-4-xxx-xxxx.

To call a mobile telephone number in Dubai from abroad, dial the international access code, then 971, then the operator prefix (50, 55, 56) – e.g. from the UK 00-971-50-xxx-xxxx.

Calls from the United Arab Emirates and Dubai

To call overseas from Dubai, dial 00 followed by country code, city code and the number (e.g. for the UK 00-44-xxxx-xxxxxx).

Mobile Phones

Visitors with mobile phones should have no problem roaming in Dubai. Visitors intending making a few calls may find it more economical to purchase a local SIM card from one of the two local phone companies; Etisalat or du.

To buy a SIM card visitors must be over 18 and present their passport and valid visa.

Customers at the Etisalat Store in the Dubai Mall

Etisalat store at The Dubai Mall

Useful Numbers

  • Ambulance – 998
  • Fire – 997
  • Police – 999
  • Tourist Police – 800 4438
  • Directory Enquiries (Etisalat) – 181
  • Directory Enquiries (du) – 199

Comments and Additional Information

  1. Pete says

    What’s the cheapest way to phone the UK from Dubai?

    • Editor says

      I’m presuming you are coming as a tourist. Go to any Du or Etisalat shop. You can find them at any of the major malls. Buy a SIM card. Tell the assistant your requirements and they’ll advise you of the best package. Make sure your phone is not locked.

  2. Prerak says

    If you want a long overseas talk then go to any cyber cafe and tell him/her to your home country number. You may charged 1/4 compared to Etisalat.

  3. Jimbo says

    International calls from Dubai are more expensive than from other countries, mainly because Etisalat have a monopoly.

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