Quality of Life in Dubai

Working in Dubai brings many benefits. Common reasons people choose the live here include:

  • Salaries are tax-free (and sometimes include additional benefits such as free housing and paid school fees, club membership, medical insurance and an annual travel allowance).
  • Unlike many countries in the Middle East, Dubai is fairly tolerant of religions other than Islam.
  • There‚Äôs a lively expatriate scene with few social barriers.
  • Although the official language is Arabic, English is standard within the business community.
  • Foreigners can now buy acquire freehold and 99-year lease property in designated areas. Buying property gives the purchaser automatic right to a residence visa (but not a work permit).
  • There are plenty of schools in Dubai following western curricula (including UK, US and Australian).
  • The crime rate is low.
  • Although the summer months are extremely hot and uncomfortable, the climate is pleasant the rest of the year.