Part of Nakheel’s International City development, the DragonMart reputedly houses the largest number of Chinese traders outside China.

The 1 km dragon-shaped shopping centre offers almost 4,000 stores selling a huge array of Chinese products (and that includes just about everything these days). The store is open to both retail and wholesale customers and offers parking for several thousand cars.

Dragonmart Chinese discount shopping centre at International City in Dubai


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Al Awir Road, International City
United Arab Emirates

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  1. Nick says

    Why is there no e-commerce at Dragon Mart?

    • Editor says

      Do you mean why can’t you buy products online from the DragonMart website?

      If so, the answer is that it’s not a single store. It’s a centre with a few thousand small stores selling all kinds of different things and stock lines that change frequently. It would be impossible for them to organise this centrally.

      Some traders may have e-commerce websites or be involved in online trading individually, but there is no central website where you can buy products.

  2. Zubeida says

    I’m looking for Turkish mosaic lamps I’ve seen in the Dubai Mall. Will I find them at Dragon Mart?

    • Editor says

      I don’t know for sure but I’d say there was a pretty good chance.

  3. Pauline says

    Can you get the Metro to Dragonmart? If so, which station?

    • Editor says

      The Dragonmart is in International City. There is no Metro station here unfortunately. You will need to take a taxi or get a bus.

      If you want to catch a bus you could get the 367 from Etisalat Metro Station or 53 from the Gold Souk Bus Station.

      • kris says

        Can take a bus direct from Fujairah to Dragon Mart?

        • Editor says

          I don’t believe there is a direct bus between Fujairah and DragonMart.

          The best you can do I think is get the E700 bus from Fujairah to Dubai and get off at Dubai International Airport Terminal 1. From here you can get the number 24 bus to International City.

  4. Asha Gidwani says

    It is the Chinese way not to follow customers around. It shows respect and trust and belief that customers can make up their own mind. This is customary in China where I rarely saw anyone by my side in a retail store.

    In the UAE, sales staff almost hang by your elbow. It is flattering to believe this is service, but in reality it is only to keep an eye on the customer in case they steal. This is borne out by the fact that very few of these staff are able to answer a question about an item not seen on the shelves.

    • Editor says

      Good point about the Chinese culture. I’ve not been to China so can’t comment whether it is true or not. I’ve no reason to doubt you though.

      I’m not sure you are right about why UAE sales staff follow you around. I never get the feeling that they are trying to see whether I am about to steal something though. I think it is more a case of not knowing what else to do.

      I agree to a certain extent about their lack of knowledge. It’s fairly commonplace all over the world though. The rates of pay for sales staff tends not to attract geniuses.

  5. Arif says

    Visited Dragonmart. Very pathetic attitude of most of the sales staff. Doesn’t cared about the customers. Also treat the customers as some unwanted guests. Need training to this people regarding sales and customer service.

    • nadia says

      So true. The same happened to me when I visited one shop. Pathetic.

    • Shairmaine says

      You mean they refused to be at your beck and call?

  6. Nafees says

    I visited the Dragon Mart. The shop keepers were sitting on their chairs and surfing the internet. They didn’t show any interest in the customers. Neither were they polite towards customers. We were like unwanted guests. These days, mall retailers want customers and I feel some kind of motivation is required for these shopkeepers.

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