Map of Dubai

Our interactive map of the city of Dubai shows the precise location of all major tourist attractions, the airport, shopping malls, and major developments such as Dubai Marina.

It offers two unique views – ‘Map’ shows a street map, ‘Satellite’ shows an aerial view. To see where Dubai is on the world map, use the control to zoom out.

The map also shows stations on the Dubai Metro, the city’s newest transport system.

To find any location you can use the index under the map. Just click the name and you will be taken to your chosen point of interest.

In February 2014 Google announced that Dubai would be the first Arab city to offer Street View. The service launched in December 2014. Many, but not all, streets in the city boast Street View imagery.

All maps on this website incorporate Street View technology. Drag the Google Pegman from the top left corner of any map. Any roads with Street View imagery will be highlighted in blue.