Dubai Electricity

Power Supply

In Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the standard voltage is 220V at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Electrical products and devices intended for use in most other countries will just need a plug socket adapter for use in Dubai and the UAE.

Electrical appliances and devices made for the United States, Canada, and South American countries will need a transformer and plug socket adapter for use Dubai and the UAE (unless they are dual voltage appliances – see below).

Dubai and UAE Plugs

In Dubai and the UAE the plugs are UK-style Type G.

Type G plugs have 3 flat prongs.

Other countries using Type G plugs include Bahrain, Brunei, Cyprus, Gambia, Granada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and the UK (United Kingdom).

Type G electrical plug used in Dubai, UAE, and the UK
Type G Plug
Type G plug socket - Dubai and UAE plug socket
Type G plug socket

Dual Voltage Devices

Most electrical products taken on holiday by tourists are dual voltage. This means that they can be used safely in all countries.

Dual voltage appliances and devices can be used with both 220 – 240V power supplies (most countries in the world) and 110 – 120V power supplies (United States, Canada, South America).

These dual voltage devices never need a transformer/voltage converter. They may only need a plug socket adapter.

Dual voltage devices include laptop computers, tablets, battery chargers, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.

It is very easy to check if a device is dual voltage. Just check the label on the device or its charger/power supply. If it is dual voltage it will usually give a range for the voltage e.g. ‘input 100 – 240V’ or similar. If so, it can be used in all countries in the world (with a plug adapter if necessary).

Electrical plug with dual voltage plug
Label on dual voltage device

Plug Adapters

Plug adapters (also known as travel adapters) are very cheap. They allow one type of plug to be plugged into a socket designed for another type of plug.

Plug adapters are simple, cheap, and lightweight. They do not convert the voltage or frequency.

Travel adapters for use in Dubai and the UAE can be bought from most electrical stores in your home country or online (Amazon, ebay etc). Any decent airport shop will also sell them. Most electrical shops in Dubai and the UAE stock them.

Non-dual voltage devices made for the US, Canadian, or South American markets will require a transformer (voltage converter) for use in Dubai/UAE.

Transformers are expensive and heavy. It will often be cheaper to purchase a new device for use in Dubai/UAE.

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  1. What is the color code for the wires? which is the ground, which is live, and which is neutral?

  2. Which wire color code is used by UAE distribution system?

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  6. This article is out of date. While it is correct that UAE uses UK mains sockets, it is inaccurate to say that most electrical goods sold in the UAE use Euro plugs. This was the case a decade or so ago – but now the vast majority of electrical goods are sold with UK plugs.

    • I recently purchase grill maker from amazon AE. and the plug is 16A 250V
      Shocked that they know UAE has 13A. Just so disappointing


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