Arabic is the official language of Dubai, although English is widely spoken and is standard within the business community. Road signs, restaurant menus, maps, guides, currency, websites, and more are written in both languages.

In public schools instruction is mainly in Arabic, with English being taught as a second language. In private schools English is the main language.

Dubai Metro sign giving directions in both Arabic and English languages

Other languages in common use in the city include Hindi, Urdu, and Farsi.

Newspapers, magazines, TV channels, and radio stations are available in all these languages.

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  1. As a local from UAE would like to say that the UAE is a multi cultural place where many people from different places of the world live together and respect each other. In many shops you get people from different countries speaking many languages. So everyone is welcome.

  2. Arabic is a difficult language to master, but you can easily get by in Dubai with just English.


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