Gold & Diamond Park

The Gold & Diamond Park is one of the best places in Dubai to buy jewellery, gold, silver, and other precious metals and stones.

Gold & Diamond Park, Dubai
Gold & Diamond Park

There are around 80 stores at the mall. Most are jewellers but there are a handful of other shops and businesses including a convenience store (Allday Minimart) and several cafes.

Shops at Gold & Diamond Park, Dubai

Unlike the Gold Souk, the Gold & Diamond Park is a covered, air-conditioned mall. Bargaining is possible and custom jewellery commissioned. Current retail gold prices in Dubai can be found here.

Al Ras Jewellery, Gold & Diamond Park, Dubai
Al Ras Jewellery

List of Shops and Cafes

Shops, cafes, and other businesses at the Gold & Diamond Park are listed below. The list was last updated on .

  • Allday Minimart – Convenience store.
  • Alma 560 – Portuguese cafe.
  • Al Matrooshi Jewellery
  • Al Ras Jewellery
  • Antoine Saliba World of Jewelry
  • Arabian Gems
  • Beladamaz
  • Calash Jewellers
  • Cara Exclusive
  • Cara Jewellers
  • Chetan Jewellers
  • Clara Jewellery
  • D.Diamonds
  • Damas – Jewellery.
  • Dazzle Jewellery
  • Devraha Diamonds
  • Dhamani – Jewellery.
  • Dona Jewellery
  • Dubai Creek Jewellery
  • Emirates Diamonds – Jewellery.
  • Emperesse Diamants
  • Eternal Jewels
  • Eva Jewellers
  • Fine Gems
  • Flawless Diamonds
  • Forever Diamonds
  • Glamour Jewellers
  • Grace Diamonds
  • Gulf Stargems
  • Hartmann Tresore – Safes.
  • Haus & Haus - Real estate agents.
  • Holiday Valley Restaurant
  • House of Windsor Jewellers
  • Javahir – Jewellery.
  • Kanz Jewels
  • Kuntal Gems
  • Le Brilliante Jewellery
  • Liali – Jewellery store.
  • LIFE Pharmacy
  • Mamiya – Jewellery.
  • Manish Jewellers
  • Mine Gold & Jewellery
  • Miracle Diamonds
  • Monili Jewellers
  • Olabi Jewellery
  • Passion Jewellers
  • Queen Diamonds
  • Rejee Jewellery
  • Ria Jewels
  • Rox Jewellery
  • Safari Gems
  • Silva Cara
  • SoHo Café
  • Stargems
  • Supreme Jewels – Jewellery.
  • Symmetry Gym – Personal training.
  • Tejori – Jewellery.
  • The Store – Luxury watches, jewellery, and accessories.
  • Three Star Diamonds
  • Vamas Jewellery

Opening Hours

The mall is open every day of the week. Standard opening times are 10 am to 9 pm throughout the week.

Interior of mall

Location and Getting There

The Gold & Diamond Park is located in Al Quoz, close to the junction of Sheikh Zayed Road and Umm Suqeim Road. Over 800 car parking spaces are available.

The Dubai Metro is the fastest way to travel around the city. Equiti Metro Station is right next to the mall. It’s on the Red Line. There are direct services to here from places such as Deira and Bur Dubai.

Equiti Metro Station and Gold & Diamond Park
Equiti Metro Station and Gold & Diamond Park

Bus services to the Gold & Diamond Park include:

Bus outside Equiti Metro Station/Gold & Diamond Park
Bus outside Equiti Metro Station/Gold & Diamond Park


The mall offers a number of facilities to make your shopping experience more comfortable and convenient.

Toilets and baby changing areas are available throughout the mall. ATMs and currency exchange services are also available, so you can easily get the local currency if you need it.

Currency exchange at Gold & Diamond Park
Currency exchange

Prayer rooms for men and women can also be found here.

Emaar Malls

The Gold & Diamond Park is owned and operated by Emaar Malls. The company owns, operates, and manages shopping malls.

Other malls in their portfolio include the Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Marina Mall, and The Ranches Souk.


Map showing location of Gold & Diamond Park.

Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.

Map showing location of Gold & Diamond Park


Gold & Diamond Park

Sheikh Zayed Road
United Arab Emirates

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