SEGA Republic

Sega Republic closed on June 1 2017. We have kept this listing online so our readers are aware of its status.

Sega Republic is an indoor theme park at the Dubai Mall suitable for all ages. It offers 5 themed zones spread over 2 levels with 9 major rides and 250 games.

Arab family waiting outside the entrance to the Sega Republic theme park at the Dubai Mall

Zones, Rides, and Games

Adventure Zone

Rides in Adventure Zone are Spin Gear, Let’s Go Jungle! Special, Wild Jungle, and Wild Wing

  • Spin Gear (height restriction 110 cm) – 380 metre roller coaster with spinning cars
  • Let’s Go Jungle! Special (height restriction 130 cm) – participants assume the role of tourists being attacked by giant insects in a jungle and must shoot them to survive
  • Wild Jungle (height restriction 110 cm) – virtual motion ride through a jungle on a 4×4
  • Wild Wing (height restriction 110 cm) – virtual flight though a South American jungle

Sports Zone

The major ride in the Sports Zone is Halfpipe Canyon, a snowboarding simulator that propels riders up a 7 metre half-pipe at speeds of up to 40 km/h. Riders must be at least 140 cm tall.

Sports Zone also houses numerous sports simulation games including golf, football, table tennis, and tenpin bowling.

Speed Zone

  • Sonic Hopper (height restriction 90 cm) – twisting, 9 metre free-fall ride
  • Storm-G (height restriction 140 cm) – high-speed bobsled racing game, bobsleds can rotate 360 degrees
  • Outrun 2 Special Tours SDX (height restriction 140 cm) – racing game
  • Initial D4 Limited (height restriction – 140 cm for drivers, 110 cm for passenger) – racing game using ‘real’ cars including a Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R and Toyota AE86

Redemption Zone

Redemption Zone offers one of the largest selections of redemption games in Dubai. Highlights include Whopper Water (water pistol shooting game) and Sega UFO Catcher (crane hooking game).

Cyberpop Zone

The Cyberpop Zone is home to next-generation virtual games such as House of the Dead and After Burner Climax.

Ticket Prices

A Power Pass costs 140 AED and allows unlimited rides on all 9 major rides for one day while a Platinum Power Pass costs 220 AED also allow unlimited riding on the 9 major rides but also includes a 200 AED worth of credits for games.

Pay & Pay Passes can be topped up at kiosks as required. Individual prices are:

  • 30 AED – Spin Gear and Halfpipe Canyon
  • 25 AED – Initial D4 Limited, Storm-G, Wild Wing, and Wild Jungle
  • 20 AED – Sonic Hopper
  • 15 AED – Outrun 2 Special Tours SDX and Lets Go Jungle! Special

Special offers and discounts are frequently posted on Sega Republic’s official Facebook page.

Opening Times & Location

Sega Republic is open every day of the week. Opening times are Sunday to Wednesday 10 am to 11 pm, and Thursday to Saturday 10 am to 1 am.

The attraction is situated on the second floor of the Dubai Mall, between Reel Cinemas and KidZania. The nearest car park is the Cinema Parking area.