Aquaventure – Atlantis Waterpark

Aquaventure is a large waterpark at the Atlantis resort on the Palm Jumeirah. It features numerous waterslides, river rides, play areas, and a private beach.


Slide rides start from one of two towers; the Tower of Neptune and the Tower of Poseidon. Both are huge terraced structures.

Zoomerango waterslide at Atlantis Aquaventure, Dubai

Rides include:

  • The Leap of Faith – Nerves of steel are needed for this ride. The water slide features a near-vertical 27 metre drop from the top of the Tower of Neptune. After releasing their grip from the safety bar, riders drop into a transparent tunnel surrounded by a shark-infested lagoon.
  • Poseidon’s Revenge – This ride at the Tower of Poseidon is even more terrifying than The Leap of Faith. Riders stand upright in a transparent capsule. After what seems like an eternity, a trap door opens releasing the rider into a near-vertical tube with a drop of 31 metres. Riders reach a freefall speed of 60 kilometres per hour.
  • Slitherine – Dual waterslide at the Tower of Poseidon. Riders can race their friends and family. The slide is over 180 metres long and the drop 31 metres.
  • Shark Attack – Riders sit on an inflatable and travel down a dark tube before emerging in a clear tunnel that passes through shark-infested waters. Located at the Tower of Neptune.
  • Stinger, The Surge, and The Falls – Undulating ‘water coaster’ type rides. Tube and river sections.
  • The Rapids – 1.6 kilometre long river ride.
  • Zoomerango – 6-seater boomerang tube ride. Riders experience weightlessness at the apex of the 14 metre high vertical wall. Located at the Tower of Poseidon.
  • Aquaconda – 6-seater tube ride. Huge ride. Over 9 metres wide and 210 metres long.
  • Surf’s Up Wave Rider – Wave riding machine.
  • Atlantean Flyer – Zip line. Offers great views of the park.
Leap of Faith slide at Aquaventure water park in Dubai
Leap of Faith

For young children there’s Splashers, a water playground with slides, water buckets and jets. Visitors can take time out from the excitement and relax on the private beach.

A third tower, Trident Tower, is scheduled to open in summer 2020. 12 new rides will be added to the park.

Splashers children's water play area at Aquaventure, Dubai


The waterpark is open daily from 10 am until around sunset. Sunset times for the year can be found here.

Rules and Height Restrictions

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult to enter Aquaventure.

Height restrictions apply to those under 1.2 metres. Anybody over 1.2 metres in height (including children) must purchase an adult ticket.

Food and drink purchased outside the waterpark is not permitted. Baby food is allowed.

Permitted items of clothing include speedos, board shorts, one and two-piece bikinis, rash vests, and burkinis. Clothes not allowed include long trousers, jeans, underwear, abayas, and see-through garments.

River Ride at Atlantis Aquaventure, Dubai
River Ride

Tickets and Day Passes

Entrance to Aquaventure is free for hotel guests.

Those not staying at the hotel will need to purchase a ticket. Anybody over 1.2 metres in height needs to buy an adult ticket.

Discounts are available for residents of the UAE. Children 2 years old and under enjoy free entry.

For current prices and online ticket bookings visit the official Atlantis website (see information box at the end of this page).

Nannies and those not using the rides are still required to buy a full price ticket.


Lockers and towels can be rented for a small fee.

There are plenty of restaurants and places to eat.


The Atlantis resort is situated on the crescent of the Palm Jumeirah. Aquaventure is immediately east of the main hotel building.

There is no Dubai Metro station near Aquaventure or Atlantis. The easiest way to reach it is by taxi or car. Complimentary parking and valet parking is available.

Alternatively, it is possible to travel to Atlantis by taking the Palm Jumeirah Monorail. The service runs from Palm Gateway Station to Atlantis Aquaventure Station. Atlantis Aquaventure Station is right next to the waterpark.

The Palm Monorail is connected to the Dubai Tram. The Dubai Tram connects to the Red Line of the Dubai Metro.

There are no public bus services to Atlantis/Aquaventure.

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Nearby Restaurants

Restaurants and places to eat and drink near Aquaventure – Atlantis Waterpark include:

  • Seafire (0.2 miles)
  • Ossiano (0.3 miles) - Upmarket seafood restaurant at Atlantis the Palm. Features an incredible dining room with floor to ceiling views of the hotel’s aquarium.
  • Saffron (0.4 miles)

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Nearby Monorail Stations

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Map showing location of Aquaventure – Atlantis Waterpark.

Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.

Map showing location of Aquaventure – Atlantis Waterpark


Aquaventure – Atlantis Waterpark

Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah
United Arab Emirates

Visit Aquaventure – Atlantis Waterpark Website

Photo Credit: Pelikh Alexey/Shutterstock

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. It is a good waterpark with lots of rides. I think both the entrance and food are overpriced though. It should be cheaper. I think they would actually make more money if the prices were cheaper as more people would go.

  2. Aquaventure is a great park, even for a seasoned waterpark lover such as me. It is medium size but has something for all ages and levels of bravery. The highlight for me was Shark Attack. You go down a dark tube slide and exit into a glass tube. The pace slows down and you are surrounded by sharks. Don’t worry though. There’s glass between you and the sharks so they can’t get at you.

    I didn’t take any valuables and didn’t get a locker, but felt safe enough leaving my belongings on the lounger.

  3. This is a great waterpark in an impressive hotel complex. We got free entry because we were staying at Atlantis. I’d advise anybody thinking of visiting to go first thing in the morning. It is cooler and there are less people about so you don’t need to queue for as long.

  4. We had to decide between Wild Wadi and Aquaventure and chose Aquaventure. I’m glad we did. Due to the time of year it wasn’t too busy so could go on lots of rides without queuing for very long. Some of the rides were quite scary and not for those who get nervous about such things.

  5. We visited the park while we were staying at Atlantis. There was a good selection of rides. It quite busy but there wasn’t much queuing.


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