Al Ain Weather

Weather Today in Al Ain - Current Conditions

The current temperature in Al Ain right now is 70°F (21°C).

The wind speed is approximately 2 mph (light air), blowing from the east. The visibility level now is moderate. Find a good vantage point and you should be able to see as far as 5 miles (8 km). Humidity now is approximately 88%.

  • Weather conditions: moderate rain
  • Current temperature: 70°F (21°C)
  • Wind speed: 2 mph (3.09 kph)
  • Wind direction (blowing from): the east
  • Relative humidity: 88%

Readings taken on April 16, 2024 at 10:59 pm (Al Ain time).

5-Day Weather Forecast - General Conditions and Temperature

A 5-day weather forecast for Al Ain is shown in the table below.

DayLocal TimeConditionsTemp (C)Temp (F)
Wednesday 17th April 20241:00 amModerate rain2272
Wednesday 17th April 20244:00 amLight rain2272
Wednesday 17th April 20247:00 amLight rain2272
Wednesday 17th April 202410:00 amLight rain2475
Wednesday 17th April 20241:00 pmScattered clouds2679
Wednesday 17th April 20244:00 pmFew clouds2882
Wednesday 17th April 20247:00 pmClear sky2577
Wednesday 17th April 202410:00 pmClear sky2373
Thursday 18th April 20241:00 amClear sky2272
Thursday 18th April 20244:00 amClear sky2272
Thursday 18th April 20247:00 amClear sky2272
Thursday 18th April 202410:00 amClear sky2577
Thursday 18th April 20241:00 pmClear sky2984
Thursday 18th April 20244:00 pmClear sky3086
Thursday 18th April 20247:00 pmClear sky2882
Thursday 18th April 202410:00 pmClear sky2679
Friday 19th April 20241:00 amClear sky2577
Friday 19th April 20244:00 amClear sky2475
Friday 19th April 20247:00 amClear sky2577
Friday 19th April 202410:00 amClear sky2882
Friday 19th April 20241:00 pmClear sky3188
Friday 19th April 20244:00 pmClear sky3290
Friday 19th April 20247:00 pmClear sky3086
Friday 19th April 202410:00 pmClear sky2679
Saturday 20th April 20241:00 amClear sky2577
Saturday 20th April 20244:00 amClear sky2475
Saturday 20th April 20247:00 amClear sky2577
Saturday 20th April 202410:00 amClear sky2984
Saturday 20th April 20241:00 pmClear sky3290
Saturday 20th April 20244:00 pmClear sky3290
Saturday 20th April 20247:00 pmClear sky3086
Saturday 20th April 202410:00 pmClear sky2679
Sunday 21st April 20241:00 amClear sky2577
Sunday 21st April 20244:00 amClear sky2475
Sunday 21st April 20247:00 amClear sky2577
Sunday 21st April 202410:00 amClear sky3086
Sunday 21st April 20241:00 pmClear sky3391
Sunday 21st April 20244:00 pmClear sky3493
Sunday 21st April 20247:00 pmClear sky3086
Sunday 21st April 202410:00 pmClear sky2882

Current and Forecast Weather Data: OpenWeatherMap

Forecast - Location Details

The weather forecast for Al Ain is based on data measured at the weather station shown on the map below. The weather in other areas of Al Ain may vary slightly.

Map showing location of weather station in Al Ain


Nestled in the eastern part of the United Arab Emirates, Al Ain is a beautiful oasis city with a rich history and stunning landscapes. Al Ain has a different climate than coastal cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which makes it a popular place for tourists looking for a unique mix of culture, nature, and adventure.

Average Temperatures

MonthHigh (°C)Low (°C)High (°F)Low (°F)

Seasonal temperature variations can be seen throughout the year in Al Ain. Between June and September, the sweltering summer months, average high temperatures reach a maximum of 43 °C (109 °F), while average low temperatures vary from 26 °C (79 °F) to 29 °C (84 °F).

In contrast, the winter months in Al Ain are more temperate, with January being the coolest month. During this time, average high temperatures drop to a pleasant 24 °C (75 °F), and average low temperatures reach 11 °C (52 °F). February and December also experience cooler weather.

Consider these seasonal temperature variations as you prepare for your trip to ensure you bring the appropriate clothing and schedule suitable activities.

Humidity Levels


Al Ain’s inland location and higher elevation contribute to its generally lower humidity levels compared to coastal cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Throughout the year, humidity in Al Ain follows a distinct pattern, with the highest levels occurring during the cooler winter months. In January and December, average relative humidity peaks at 51%.

Conversely, the lowest humidity levels are observed during the late spring and early summer months. The average relative humidity drops to just 21% in May. The humidity is slightly higher in April and June, at 24% and 23%, respectively.

As humidity levels significantly impact how comfortable the weather feels, understanding these variations can help you plan your trip to coincide with your personal preferences.


MonthRainfall (mm)Rainy days per month

Situated in an arid region, Al Ain receives minimal rainfall throughout the year. The wettest month is March, with an average of 13 mm of rain and one rainy day per month. January and February follow closely, with an average of 9 mm of rainfall and one rainy day per month.

In contrast, the driest months in Al Ain are May, June, September, and October, all with no rainfall and no rainy days per month. Although rain during the summer months is minimal, it is not absent, with 3 mm in July, 2 mm in August, and 2 mm in November.

December sees a slight increase in rainfall, with 4 mm and one rainy day per month.

While rain is generally not a significant concern when planning a trip to Al Ain, it is essential to know the potential for occasional showers during certain months.

Sun Hours

MonthAverage Hours of Sun

Sunshine is abundant in Al Ain, with the sunniest months occurring during the summer. In June, the city enjoys the highest average daily sunshine hours at 12.2 hours, closely followed by July and May at 12.1 and 12 hours, respectively.

The winter months in Al Ain experience fewer sunshine hours, with January and December having the lowest average daily sunshine hours at 9.2 hours each.

As you plan your visit, keep these sun hour variations in mind to ensure you maximise your time outdoors and make the most of the natural beauty and activities Al Ain has to offer. With plenty of sunshine throughout the year, Al Ain is an ideal destination for tourists seeking to explore its stunning landscapes, historical sites, and outdoor adventures.

Adverse Weather

While Al Ain’s climate is generally characterised by its hot, arid conditions, it is essential to be aware of potential adverse weather events during your visit. One such weather phenomenon is sandstorms, which are more common in Al Ain due to the city’s proximity to the desert. Sandstorms typically occur during the spring and summer months and can significantly reduce visibility and air quality, potentially causing disruptions to daily activities and travel plans.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable trip, it is crucial to stay informed about local weather conditions and follow any advice or weather warnings issued by local authorities. Additionally, packing items such as dust masks, goggles, and appropriate clothing can help protect you from the effects of sandstorms and other adverse weather events.

Weather in Other Areas of the UAE

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