Fujairah Weather

Current weather conditions in Fujairah and a 5-day forecast are shown below.

Weather Today in Fujairah - Current Conditions

The current temperature in Fujairah right now is 100°F (38°C).

The current wind speed is around 4 mph (light breeze). The wind is blowing from west-northwest. The visibility level now is moderate. You should be able to see places as far as 4 miles (6 km) away. Humidity now is approximately 16%.

  • Weather conditions: clear sky
  • Current temperature: 100°F (38°C)
  • Wind speed: 4 mph (6.69 kph)
  • Wind direction (blowing from): west-northwest
  • Relative humidity: 16%

Readings taken on May 19, 2022 at 11:07 pm (Fujairah time).

Al Badiyah, Fujairah
Al Badiyah, Fujairah

5-Day Weather Forecast - General Conditions and Temperature

A 5-day weather forecast for Fujairah is shown in the table below.

DayLocal TimeConditionsTemp (C)Temp (F)
Friday 20th May 20221:00 amClear sky3391
Friday 20th May 20224:00 amClear sky3290
Friday 20th May 20227:00 amClear sky3391
Friday 20th May 202210:00 amClear sky3799
Friday 20th May 20221:00 pmClear sky38100
Friday 20th May 20224:00 pmClear sky39102
Friday 20th May 20227:00 pmClear sky3595
Friday 20th May 202210:00 pmClear sky3493
Saturday 21st May 20221:00 amClear sky3290
Saturday 21st May 20224:00 amClear sky3188
Saturday 21st May 20227:00 amClear sky3391
Saturday 21st May 202210:00 amClear sky3697
Saturday 21st May 20221:00 pmClear sky38100
Saturday 21st May 20224:00 pmClear sky38100
Saturday 21st May 20227:00 pmClear sky3493
Saturday 21st May 202210:00 pmClear sky3391
Sunday 22nd May 20221:00 amClear sky3290
Sunday 22nd May 20224:00 amClear sky3188
Sunday 22nd May 20227:00 amClear sky3391
Sunday 22nd May 202210:00 amClear sky3799
Sunday 22nd May 20221:00 pmClear sky3799
Sunday 22nd May 20224:00 pmClear sky3595
Sunday 22nd May 20227:00 pmClear sky3290
Sunday 22nd May 202210:00 pmClear sky3290
Monday 23rd May 20221:00 amClear sky3188
Monday 23rd May 20224:00 amClear sky3086
Monday 23rd May 20227:00 amClear sky3290
Monday 23rd May 202210:00 amClear sky3697
Monday 23rd May 20221:00 pmClear sky3799
Monday 23rd May 20224:00 pmClear sky3799
Monday 23rd May 20227:00 pmClear sky3391
Monday 23rd May 202210:00 pmClear sky3086
Tuesday 24th May 20221:00 amClear sky3086
Tuesday 24th May 20224:00 amClear sky2984
Tuesday 24th May 20227:00 amClear sky3188
Tuesday 24th May 202210:00 amClear sky3799
Tuesday 24th May 20221:00 pmClear sky38100
Tuesday 24th May 20224:00 pmClear sky38100
Tuesday 24th May 20227:00 pmClear sky3493
Tuesday 24th May 202210:00 pmClear sky3391

Current and Forecast Weather Data: OpenWeatherMap

Forecast - Location Details

The weather forecast for Fujairah is based on data measured at the weather station shown on the map below. The weather in other areas of Fujairah may vary slightly.

Map showing location of weather station in Fujairah

Photo Credit: Photonell_DD2017/Shutterstock

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