Current Population Statistics

According to the Dubai Statistics Center (part of the Government of Dubai) the current resident population of Dubai is 2,705,261 (figure last updated on Sunday 15th of January 2017).

Data from the Dubai Statistics Center website shows that the resident population of Dubai at the end of 2014 was approximately 2,327,000 while the active daytime population was 3,408,000.

The active daytime population comprises residents plus persons working in Dubai but living outside the city, tourists, sailors and other temporary residents. Many Dubai workers choose to live in the neighbouring Emirate of Sharjah where rents are significantly cheaper.

The graph and table below show the resident, temporary, and active daytime (resident + temporary) population of Dubai by year from 2007 to 2014.

Active Daytime Population of Dubai 2007 to 2014

YearPermanent ResidentsTemporary ResidentsActive Daytime Population
2014 2,327,000 1,081,000 3,408,000
2013 2,213,845 1,073,375 3,287,220
2012 2,105,875 1,043,040 3,148,915
2011 2,003,170 1,020,256 3,023,426
2010 1,905,476 1,060,836 2,966,312
2009 1,770,978 867,800 2,638,778
2008 1,645,973 805,493 2,451,466
2007 1,529,792 360,794 1,890,586


Dubai is unusual in that the majority of its population is comprised of expatriates. Most are low income workers from the countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Iran, Egypt, Nepal, and China. There are fewer, but significant, numbers of professional workers from countries such as the UK, South Africa, the US, Canada, France, and Australia.

Indian worker at Dubai Fruit and Vegetable Market

Indian Worker, Dubai Fruit and Vegetable Market

69 percent of the permanent resident population at the end of 2014 was male (1,613,000 out of 2,327,000) while 31 percent was female (714,000 out of 2,327,000). The gender distortion is mainly due to the large number of foreign male workers that do not relocate with their family. Many are construction workers, typically living in labour camps.

Permanent Resident Population of Dubai - Male and Female

YearPermanent Residents - MalePermanent Residents - FemalePermanent Residents - Total
2014 1,613,000 714,000 2,327,000
2013 1,677,330 536,515 2,213,845
2012 1,602,925 502,950 2,105,875
2011 1,536,380 466,790 2,003,170
2010 1,485,046 420,430 1,905,476
2009 1,369,740 401,238 1,770,978
2008 1,263,130 382,843 1,645,973
2007 1,164,576 365,216 1,529,792

Growth Rate

The growth rate of Dubai’s resident population at the end of 2014 was 5.11 percent; consistent with 2013, 2012, and 2011.

Comments and Additional Information

  1. Bradley says

    Dubai is going to get mammothly huge in the next decades. Sits strategically in the middle of Europe, Africa, and Asia, with billions of people surrounding it. Like Chicago location-wise, but on a gigantic scale, accommodating three gigantic continents with billions of people. Superb location for business and industry, prime location for sunny weather and blue-water beaches, and excellent location to raise a family. Good luck to US cities competing with crumbling infrastructure, high murder rates, and gangs running their streets.

  2. Leslie says

    What is the ratio of men to women in Dubai?

  3. Jenna says

    Been Dubai 3 years in a row It’s such a beautiful country! Who really cares if Los Angeles is bigger than Dubai seriously?

  4. Alex says

    I think it is actually quite interesting that Dubai’s population has grown rapidly over the last 2 decades.

  5. Rick S says

    There are not 4 million people in Dubai. There are not even 2 million. I was there for a week before the major melt down. A very strange vibe. You felt the money (this is before the collapse) but you also felt a little bit of something that was not quite right. Almost a criminal type of vibe. Dubai sucks!

    • liaket says

      Dubai does not suck. It is extremely beautiful.

      • Tasnuba Lamia says

        Dubai is the best place ever. I could live there. It is a beautiful country and has amazing mosques.

    • Maryam says

      You can’t just say anything you want. Locals of the country wouldn’t respect you for saying that. Our country did so much for us, and we want everyone to respect our country.

  6. mehedi says

    Dubai is a very expensive city. Basically a problem for low income people.

  7. Jim says

    RC, Tony B’s comment was not racist. It was not inflammatory or discriminatory. It was an accurate reflection of the current demographics (although he could extend Indian to Pakistani and Bangladeshi) and is supported by the first paragraph of this page.

  8. Syed Al-Neef says

    I am a Singaporean of Arab descent. I was in Dubai in 2006. I can say that Dubai does not offer quality of life for low income people. Even a bed space can cause a burnt hole in a low income person’s pocket. Many female Russians work as property agents. The policemen in Dubai too looked like they are from other Arab countries. They don’t negotiate and are very stern. Customer service at police stations is hard to get.

  9. Anthony says

    All of you are wrong. The metropolitan area of New York City has a population of 8 million people. In LA, there are 3 million people in the metropolitan area. I would not consider Riverside, San Bernardino, OC, or Simi Valley to be LA. Those are in the outskirts and people only travel there to work since there’s nothing in those smaller cities. Dubai is a little bigger than Las Vegas but is pretty dense for such a small land area. If you want to talk about big cities, go to New York, Tokyo, or Mexico City. New York is massive, dense, and action-packed 24/7.

  10. BJ says

    Jeffrey needs to do some travelling. LA has a population of way over 10 million. Dubai is about 2 million people. Women can walk about safely at any time of day or night.

  11. RC says

    Get a life Tony – racist remarks such as construction workers being Indian males are unwarranted. Remember, the workers are the ones that have broken their backs to build this city whilst Western rejects like yourself escape to this country and try make a life.

  12. Juki says

    Dubai has a population of 1.4 million. LA has about 10 million ! You cannot compare these two cities.

  13. Frederick says

    Well, your comments are strangely amazing. Remember we live in a grossly diverse global village, so we should appreciate and fuse our diversity to better enjoy this great wonderful planet.

  14. sana says

    I am from LA and for the guy that said Dubai is about the size of Los Angeles, he is dead wrong. Dubai is extremely tiny. It is about 1/100th of Los Angeles. For me to drive from the beginning to the end (zone-wise) from Los Angeles takes 4 hours (no traffic) and with traffic it could be 7 hours. LA is massive.

  15. Jeffrey says

    I do not believe there are 1.3 million people in Dubai. Dubai is probaly the size of Los Angeles and Los Angeles has 3 million people. Dubai has a lot of buildings for the little bit of people they have. There is probably 5 million people

  16. Nav says

    90% of Dubai population is expatriate majority of whom are the contructions workers. Yes, almost all the "low income" workers are from the sub-continent, but there are significant/equal/more number of professionals from there aswell. It’s amazing how a website can make such blatantly false statement without realising both it’s implications and checking facts.

  17. sara says

    I believe it was the late king of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal, who once spoke in an interview of 78 rapes per hour that occur in the States. Kaylee perhaps needs to travel outside his / her domain to understand that the middle east should not be summed up in a nutshell of women being indoors, while men go scavenging for attacking females, as your Fox News tends to portray. Dubai currently is considered not only the most modern city in the middle east, but compared to the fashion of Milan and Paris, film industry of Europe, friendlier working environment than America, and higher tolerance for a cosmoplitan society than anywhere in the west. It is unfortunate that to date, people in the west — at least those that believe anything their media feeds them and have not travelled outside their country — have backward notions about the rest of the world. I suggest to Kaylee to please consider expanding his / her literature and mediums of knowledge.

  18. kaylee says

    No wonder sex trafficking and rapes occur on a daily basis. They need some women.

  19. bob says

    I do not believe that only 1.3 million people live in Dubai. How many tourists or visitors are here at any one time. I live in Miami and am very familiar with Los Angeles , Vegas, New York and travel patterns in other cities like Buenos Aires and London. There are millions of people here at least 4 -6 million. I believe that the population amounts just like the summer temps reported here are manipulated. It is never reported to be over 50C as it means construction must stop and many days its over and the report reads 49. It would be interesting to know the truth. I can definitely without a doubt tell you that there is at least 4 million people plus in this area as I write you. I am not stupid but it amazing how many people say that there is a million people here . I mean come on. Boston and San Francisco have around that amount and they are tiny blobs compared to this.

  20. tony b says

    As you can see from the statistics Dubai is very much a male society. The distortion is caused by the huge number of construction workers (read Indian males) currently in Dubai.

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