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The currency used in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the UAE dirham (code AED, abbreviation Dhs). The domestic currency of Pakistan is the Pakistani rupee (PKR)

1 United Arab Emirates dirham (AED) is today worth 61.11 Pakistani rupees (PKR).

The AED (Dhs) to PKR exchange rate was last updated on .

Convert PKR to AED

1 Pakistani rupee (PKR) is today worth 0.016 United Arab Emirates dirham (AED).

The PKR to AED (Dhs) exchange rate was updated on Tuesday 29th of November 2022 at 2:22 am GMT.

Currency Converter – UAE Dirham (AED)/Pakistani Rupees (PKR)

Use our currency exchange rate converter to change UAE dirhams (AED) to Pakistani rupees (PKR) and vice versa.

Al Ansari Exchange, Dubai Mall
Al Ansari Exchange, Dubai Mall

Currency Conversion Table – Dirhams (Dhs) to Pakistani Rupees

Use the list below to quickly find the Pakistani rupee (PKR) equivalent of a selection of UAE dirham (AED/Dhs) amounts.

  • 1 AED = 61.11 PKR
  • 5 AED = 305.55 PKR
  • 10 AED = 611.11 PKR
  • 50 AED = 3055.53 PKR
  • 100 AED = 6111.06 PKR
  • 500 AED = 30555.3 PKR
  • 1000 AED = 61110.6 PKR
  • 5000 AED = 305552.98 PKR
  • 10000 AED = 611105.97 PKR
  • 50000 AED = 3055529.84 PKR
  • 100000 AED = 6111059.68 PKR

Currency Conversion Table – Pakistani Rupees to Dirhams (Dhs)

UAE dirham (AED/Dhs) equivalents for a selection of Pakistani rupee (PKR) amounts are given below.

  • 1 PKR = 0.016 AED
  • 5 PKR = 0.082 AED
  • 10 PKR = 0.164 AED
  • 50 PKR = 0.818 AED
  • 100 PKR = 1.636 AED
  • 500 PKR = 8.182 AED
  • 1000 PKR = 16.364 AED
  • 5000 PKR = 81.819 AED
  • 10000 PKR = 163.638 AED
  • 50000 PKR = 818.189 AED
  • 100000 PKR = 1636.377 AED

Importance of the UAE Dirham to Pakistani Rupee Exchange Rate

Large amounts of money flow between the UAE and Pakistan. According to WITS, the trade database of the World Bank, Pakistan is one of the UAE’s largest trading partners.

In 2019, the total trade between the two countries was $4.34 billion. The bilateral trade balance was in favour of the UAE, with exports from the UAE to Pakistan totalling $3.38 billion and imports to the UAE from Pakistan totalling $0.86 billion.

Country2019 Trade Surplus (US$ Billions)2019 Exports From UAE (US$ Billions)2019 Imports To UAE (US$ Billions)
Saudi Arabia17.1523.996.85
Hong Kong2.925.632.72
Sri Lanka0.851.060.21
Syrian Arab Republic0.760.820.05
2019 Rank2019 Exports From UAE To:2019 Exports (US$ Billions)2019 Export Partner Share (%)
2Saudi Arabia23.996.16
10United States6.391.64
11Hong Kong5.631.45
17United Kingdom2.660.68
31South Korea1.150.30
34South Africa1.090.28
36Sri Lanka1.060.27
40Russian Federation0.890.23

The UAE is also a significant investor in Pakistan. The two countries have strong economic ties and are working together to further enhance trade and investment cooperation.

The UAE is a popular destination for Pakistani tourists. In the first six months of 2022, 193,000 Pakistani tourists visited Dubai. Significant numbers also visit Abu Dhabi.

The UAE is known for its luxury hotels, shopping malls, and iconic tourist attractions, and Pakistani tourists are drawn to its reputation as a glamorous destination. The proximity of the UAE to Pakistan makes it an ideal destination for Pakistani tourists who are looking for a short getaway. The UAE is a Muslim-majority country, and as such, Pakistani nationals feel a sense of connection with the country and its people. In addition, the UAE is home to a large Pakistani expatriate community, which provides a support network for Pakistani tourists.

Currency Exchange, Dubai Duty Free, Dubai International Airport
Currency Exchange, Dubai Duty Free, Dubai International Airport

Money Transfers from the UAE to Pakistan – Personal Remittances

According to the United Nations, the UAE is home to almost 1 million Pakistanis. Many Pakistani migrants in the UAE are supporting families in their home country. These migrants convert dirhams to Pakistani rupees when sending money to Pakistan.

Data from the State Bank of Pakistan shows that in August 2022, non-resident Pakistani workers remitted around $2.7 billion. Of this $691 million was sent by workers in Saudi Arabia and $531 million by workers in the UAE.

In 2020, the World Bank estimates that personal remittances sent to Pakistan by migrants amounted to 8.7 per cent of Pakistan’s GDP.

Factors Influencing the AED to PKR Exchange Rate

When it comes to the AED to PKR exchange rate, it is important to remember that the UAE dirham is pegged to the USD. This means the dirham to PKR exchange rate is subject to the same forces that influence the USD to PKR exchange rate.

One of the factors that can influence the AED to PKR exchange rate is the interest rates in the UAE and Pakistan. If the interest rate in the UAE is higher than in Pakistan, then this can make the AED more attractive to investors. This can cause the dirham to Pakistani rupee rate to rise.

However, if the interest rate in the UAE is lower than in Pakistan, then this can make the AED less attractive to investors.

It is important to note that, as a result of the long-standing peg between the US dollar and UAE dirham, the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) typically adjusts interest rates in response to changes by the US Federal Reserve. By keeping interest rates in alignment with those in the US, CBUAE helps to stabilise the UAE dirham and avoid market volatility. In addition, this policy helps to discourage speculation against the UAE currency.

Oil and gas prices can also influence the AED to PKR exchange rate. Pakistan is highly dependent on imported fuels. Fuel prices are one of the main drivers of inflation in Pakistan. When the oil and gas prices go up, the prices of other goods and services also rise. A high inflation rate can damage a currency’s value and exchange rate.

Political instability can have a significant impact on a country’s exchange rate. When investors perceive a country to be politically unstable, they are less likely to want to hold its currency. This can lead to a decline in the value of the currency, as investors sell it off in favour of more stable currencies. In 2022, Pakistan was in political turmoil after a no-confidence motion against Imran Khan forced his removal as prime minister. This contributed to the PKR falling to an all-time low against the USD and AED.

Pakistan Currency

The Pakistani rupee is the official currency of Pakistan. The most commonly used symbol for the Pakistani rupee is Rs, while the international ISO 4217 code for the Pakistani rupee is PKR.

The Pakistani rupee was put into circulation after the country gained independence from the British Raj in 1947. At first, Pakistani used British Indian coins and notes simply over-stamped with ‘Pakistan’. New coins and banknotes were issued in 1948. It was originally divided into 16 annas, similar to the Indian rupee.

The issuance of the currency is controlled by the State Bank of Pakistan, the central bank of the country.

Banknotes currently in circulation are denominated at 5 ,10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000 and 5,000 rupees.

Historical Rates - 1 United Arab Emirates Dirham in Pakistani Rupees

The AED to PKR currency rate over the last 30 days is shown in the table below.

Monday 28th November 202261.10
Sunday 27th November 202260.98
Saturday 26th November 202260.85
Friday 25th November 202260.84
Thursday 24th November 202261.13
Wednesday 23rd November 202261.00
Tuesday 22nd November 202261.02
Monday 21st November 202261.05
Sunday 20th November 202260.76
Saturday 19th November 202260.55
Friday 18th November 202260.55
Thursday 17th November 202260.57
Wednesday 16th November 202260.51
Tuesday 15th November 202260.43
Monday 14th November 202260.35
Sunday 13th November 202259.91
Saturday 12th November 202259.82
Friday 11th November 202260.32
Thursday 10th November 202260.27
Wednesday 9th November 202260.30
Tuesday 8th November 202260.33
Monday 7th November 202260.29
Sunday 6th November 202259.73
Saturday 5th November 202260.30
Friday 4th November 202260.29
Thursday 3rd November 202260.30
Wednesday 2nd November 202260.26
Tuesday 1st November 202260.05
Monday 31st October 202260.05
Sunday 30th October 202260.34

The best day to convert UAE Dirhams to Pakistani Rupees was on Thursday 24th November 2022. The AED had risen to its highest value.

On Thursday 24th November 2022:

  • 1 United Arab Emirates Dirham = 61.13 Pakistani Rupees.
  • 100 UAE Dirhams = 6,113.00 Pakistani Rupees.

The worst time to change UAE Dirhams to Pakistani Rupees was on Sunday 6th November 2022. The AED/PKR exchange rate had dropped to its lowest value.

On Sunday 6th November 2022:

  • 1 United Arab Emirates Dirham = 59.73 Pakistani Rupees.
  • 100 UAE Dirhams = 5,973.00 Pakistani Rupees.

Historical Rates - 1 Pakistani Rupee in UAE Dirhams

The PKR to AED currency rate over the last 30 days is shown in the table below.

Monday 28th November 20220.0164
Sunday 27th November 20220.0164
Saturday 26th November 20220.0164
Friday 25th November 20220.0164
Thursday 24th November 20220.0164
Wednesday 23rd November 20220.0164
Tuesday 22nd November 20220.0164
Monday 21st November 20220.0164
Sunday 20th November 20220.0165
Saturday 19th November 20220.0165
Friday 18th November 20220.0165
Thursday 17th November 20220.0165
Wednesday 16th November 20220.0165
Tuesday 15th November 20220.0165
Monday 14th November 20220.0166
Sunday 13th November 20220.0167
Saturday 12th November 20220.0167
Friday 11th November 20220.0166
Thursday 10th November 20220.0166
Wednesday 9th November 20220.0166
Tuesday 8th November 20220.0166
Monday 7th November 20220.0166
Sunday 6th November 20220.0167
Saturday 5th November 20220.0166
Friday 4th November 20220.0166
Thursday 3rd November 20220.0166
Wednesday 2nd November 20220.0166
Tuesday 1st November 20220.0167
Monday 31st October 20220.0167
Sunday 30th October 20220.0166

The best day to convert Pakistani Rupees to UAE Dirhams was on Sunday 13th November 2022. The PKR had risen to its highest value.

On Sunday 13th November 2022:

  • 1 Pakistani Rupee = 0.0167 UAE Dirhams.
  • 100 Pakistani Rupees = 1.6700 UAE Dirhams.

The worst time to change Pakistani Rupees to UAE Dirhams was on Monday 28th November 2022. The Pakistani Rupee was at its lowest value.

On Monday 28th November 2022:

  • 1 Pakistani Rupee = 0.0164 UAE Dirhams.
  • 100 Pakistani Rupees = 1.6400 UAE Dirhams.

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